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Scoliosis clinic

Our dedicated scoliosis clinic allows a comprehensive assessment and treatment of children with spinal deformity from the very young age to the adolescent patient. Our experienced surgeons work closely with specialized physiotherapists at our Center and engage the most qualified orthotics companies available for customized bracing when necessary. Our imaging department is able to apply the newest technologies in imaging including low radiation EOS imaging. Should an MRI be required, our center can offer this under safe General anesthesia for the younger children. Besides our highly standardized conservative management, CORE Center of Excellence offers surgical treatment for congenital, early onset and idiopathic scoliosis, including non-fusion techniques, which includes the use of expandable implants.

Hip Dysplasia Screening clinic

Screening for hip dysplasia is a standard in many countries. Some ultrasound studies suggest that up to 15% of children are born with some form of hip dysplasia. Early treatment is key and in many cases a simple clinical assessment is not able to identify dysplasia.  Standardized Ultrasound assessment is free of radiation and takes no more than 5 minutes to rule out dysplasia reliably. Our dedicated clinic offers screening service to all newborn babies. Babies without risk factors should be screened at age 6 weeks. Children with risk factors including, family history, breech pregnancy, first child should be screened at 2 weeks of age. CORE Center of Excellence offers comprehensive assessment and treatment in its child friendly dedicated premise.

Neuromuscular clinic

Children with neuromuscular conditions require a multidisciplinary approach to management. The Orthopaedic management needs to be aligned with other disciplines such as Pediatric Neurology, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Orthotics and Prosthetics. Our dedicated neuromuscular clinic offers this approach aiming at a 360 degrees management in a child friendly environment. Located within King’s Hospital London in Dubai Hills our patients have access to a state of the art imaging department including low-radiation EOS imaging.

Clubfoot Clinic

Clubfoot is the most common congenital single joint deformity in children. Our dedicated clinic focuses on the management of newborn children with clubfoot according to the PONSETI method as well as older children with neglected clubfoot deformity and recurrences. Dr. Sinclair and Dr. Forlin are the only physicians in Dubai endorsed by the Ponseti international Organization, University of Iowa, the birth place of the Ponseti method ( The Ponseti method is able to correct more than 95% of clubfeet without the need for surgical intervention. Long-term follow-up in our clinic is pivotal to monitor the required bracing protocol and detect possible recurrent deformity.

Pediatric Rheumatology Clinic

Inflammatory joint disease in children is commonly found in children. Chronic inflammation of single or multiple joints can have many different causes and a clear understanding of your child’s specific condition requires a Pediatric Rheumatologist in order to lead all necessary investigations including blood tests, genetic tests and imaging such as ultrasound and MRI. The resulting treatment plan needs to be monitored and adjusted over time. Especially when it comes to inflammatory joint disease, children are not small adults and a specialized pediatric Rheumatology Consultant is key to a successful treatment plan.