• Year Qualified: 1997
  • Specialty: Spine, Spinal Neurosurgery, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Orthopaedics
  • Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese
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Dr. Nicandro Figueiredo is an accomplished Spinal Neurosurgeon offering more than 20 years of clinical experience with various reputed hospitals in Brazil, USA, KSA and in UAE. Dr. Nicandro has done his Medical School in the University of Brasilia, Residency in Neurosurgery in the Base Hospital of Brasilia, and Master Degree (MSc) in Brazil. Subsequently, in 1997, he had a Post-residency Training at the John Hopkins Hospital and New York University, in USA.

Dr. Nicandro had his Fellowship in Spinal Surgery with some of the most reputed hospitals in USA, the John Hopkins and the University of Wisconsin Hospital, from 1999 until 2000.

After he became sup-specialized in Spine Surgery in USA, he returned to Brazil to work as a Professor of Neurosurgery and Spinal Surgeon, obtaining his Doctoral Degree (PhD) in Neurosurgery from the University of Brasilia, in 2009.

Dr. Figueiredo developed his prestigious career as a Spinal Surgeon and as a Professor at the University of Cuiaba and Federal University of Mato Grosso, Brazil. From 2011 until 2012, he went back to USA to have his Post-doctorate in Spinal Neurosurgery, with the University of Wisconsin Hospital.

Dr. Nicandro’s experience in the region started when he was invited to work as a Spinal Surgeon in Saudi Arabia, where he worked from 2013 until 2015. He moved to UAE to work in a subspecialised Orthopedics & Spine Hospital, from 2015 until 2020, where he built his reputation in the region, being invited to join King’s College Hospital in Dubai.

Dr. Nicandro continues his academic activities, as he is a Visiting Professor of Neurosurgery for the Medical School and Residency Program of Neurosurgery, at the University of Cuiaba, in Brazil, and participate as a speaker, instructor, guest or organizer of several scientific meetings, workshops, conferences and medical events in the region and abroad.

Professor Nicandro is involved in research study projects, and have published many papers and book chapters related to his field of expertise. He is the Academic Editor of the Section of Spinal Surgery of the well-known Journal Medicine®, USA, and a Reviewer of many medical journals.

He is also a Member of relevant Medical Societies worldwide, like; North American Spine Society – NASS (USA), AO Spine (Switzerland), Brazilian Spine and Neurosurgical Society, UAE Neurosurgical Society, among others. Dr. Figueiredo was awarded as Honorary Research Fellow of the University of Wisconsin, in USA, and sworn as Honorary Member of the Sao Paulo Medical Academy, in Brazil.

Special interest

  • Spinal problems and spinal surgery for adults and children;
  • Treatment of disc diseases and spinal stenosis affecting the cervical, thoracolumbar, sacral and coccygeal region, causing pain at the neck, arms, lower-back and leg (sciatic pain) and “tail-bone” (coccyx);
  • Use of conventional, mini-open, minimally invasive spinal surgeries, microsurgery, spinal fusion, arthroplasty techniques, spinal neuronavigation and O-arm for 3D intraoperative image acquisition;
  • Spinal deformity, including scoliosis and hyperkyphosis, and spinal malformations;
  • Spinal trauma (anterior and/or posterior decompression and fixation);
  • Percutaneous kyphoplasty and spinal biopsy;
  • Spinal tumours and cysts
  • Spinal infections

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